Paper List





Angelina Kalinova

Attitudes and personal position of teachers for implementation of entity-
subjective relations in technological training in kinder garden

Azra Murtezani

Being a student and a teacher in the knowledge society

Banu Erciyes

 How To Meet Higher-Order Thinking Needs of The Gifted and Talented Students in The Classroom

Birsene Abduli

Communicative Language Testing in CLT (a case at IBU Preparation School)

Büşra Özalp, Mustafa Süral

Relationship Between English Preparation School And The Success Of Academic
English In The Departments Of A Private University In Turkey



Fahira Rizvanovic

The Preferred Language Learning Strategies by Macedonia ELT Students: A Case Study.



Fatime Usein

English Language Instructors` perception and relevance  of  teacher training 
programs  in public and private schools in Republic of Macedonia



İrem Aldan

Drawing and Mind Mapping in EFL Classrooms







Manas Zhalgaspayev, Ainur Maibasarova

Students’ defense mechanisms and their impact on resilience, narcissism, and academic achievement

Maria Boncheva

The role of Teachers’ in the knowledge society

Monemvasioti Konstantina Maria

The contribution of the Curriculum in intercultural competence and readiness of future teachers

Murzakulova A.N, Kozhaniyazova D.B

Interrelationship between student personal values and their perception of teacher values leading to study satisfaction

Nerimane Xhelili

The Role of Informal Education in the Knowledge Society

Oggadi Mohammed El Amin

Investigating Teacher Contribution in Developing EFL Learner Critical Thinking: The Case of Master Students







Svetlana Zelenkova

Including Education– a socialization opportunity for children with special needs

Velislava Hristova, Valentina Atanasova

Changing education and training needs

Suggestopedia- an opportunity in the changing education



Wiam Kameche

The Knowledge Society and Its Features

Neslihan Varol, Bahar Özyazgan

Promoting pre-service language teachers’ reflectivity through jargon book keeping process

Yana Dimitrova Babrikova

The creative approach in the modern educational process

Youcef İkram

The Role of Libraries in Enhancing EFL Students’ Cultural Background in Relation to Knowledge Society

Shqipe Haliti

Rethinking Teaching for the Knowledge Society

Aigerim Sary

Role of a Teacher in Enhancing ESL Learners’ Interest and Motivation



Esra Dzeliloska

Effects of word frequency on teaching